From now until 2025, France’s Britany will be the leader of biogas

In 2014, Britany has been the most active region of France concerning the production of renewable energies, in terms of biogas. Amongst areas where it has been increasing, Morbihan and Vannes have produced 2.81 ktep when the area of St-Malo has no activity in this promising industry.

Biogas is a green energy obtained by the fermentation of organic matters, like compost, excrement, in an environment lacking of oxygen. Then, the heat contributes in transforming this into methane, which is a process called anaerobic digestion. It can be produced industrially or naturally, in rice fields or swamp for instance. It is now valued for its renewability, next to solar, hydro, geothermal and wind energies.

The main industry of Britany is agriculture, which is why companies like Vol-V have chosen to invest in Vannes, Morbihan. Since the production of biogas involves breeding, culture, food- processing industry, there are never-ending amount of wastes which can feed this production without impacting non-renewable resources. Farmers benefit from it because they save money by not buying fertilizer. The job is done with the waste they reuse.

Until now, there is no better way to invest in a greener and a more sustainable energy, but the production is very limited in France. Most of biogas comes from abroad. The main difficulty is due to the complexity to obtain authorization to install structures. The government restricts all matters which concerns energy, agriculture and treatment of wastes. That’s why farmers produce biogas by mixing different matters. But the result is irregular and inconclusive in terms of quantity. A great solution would be to raise awareness among population, create cooperative gathering households and farmers to enhance his others wastes and be self- sufficient.


Texto: Sandra Farrands

Imagem: Ceres